Gaelic football's top five photos of 2021 1 year ago

Gaelic football's top five photos of 2021

Some of these are truly amazing.

Sport can create some very complex feelings, and Gaelic football in particular has the power to have you crying your eyes out with frustration, to crying your eyes out with sheer delirious joy.


So much is going on in such a short space of time that you can sometimes miss magical moments, so we have took a look back at the most spectacular images captured by SportsFile in 2021.

They say a photo tells a thousand words, but some are so powerful that they can leave you lost for them also.

Here's our top five Gaelic football images of 2021.

5. A smile to match the silverware


Lee Keegan admiring the Connacht trophy with his young daughter is enough to make your heart burst.

With inter-county stars sacrificing so much to achieve these moments, this image captures why they can all be worth it in the end.

4. Never EVER give up


Diarmuid O'Connor wasn't listening to the media, critics or experts who thought that Mayo were doomed to suffer yet another loss to Dublin on the big stage.

With the game seemingly going down the same old road, with the unbeatbable Dublin continuing their seven-year undefeated streak in the championship, O'Connor lunges himself for what is surely a lost cause, and with every ounce of will power in his body, being summoned to his left foot, he keeps the ball in play, and it eventually leads to the score that carries the game into extra time.

Mayo then went on to be the first team since 2014 to beat the mighty Dubs in the championship.

3. Sometimes your own achievements can be overwhelming


Noel McGrath celebrates with his father Pat, as Loughmore Catleiney complete an historic double, winning both the county hurling and football championships.

They etched themselves in history as the ultimate dual club, with the same manager for both codes, playing hurling one week, and then football the next, and most of the team doing both sports, it was truly phenomenal.

They epitomised everything that is glorious and possible with dual clubs, and hopefully others will learn from their example.

2. Childhood innocence

James Horan pictured delivering his post match interview after losing yet another All-Ireland final to Tyrone.


In what must have been a bitterly disappointing and difficult time, you can see his son sitting on the side, happily playing with his toys in Croke Park.

Not deterred by his county or his father's disappointment, or amazed by the fact he is sitting on the blades of grass where history is made, he has much more important things to attend to, and it's a beautiful reminder that sometimes football, is actually just a game, and not the life or death spectacle we can make it out to be.

1. Everything on the line

When Knockmore played Ballintubber, and gave away a late free from close range, the entire team stood on the line to stop a potential comeback from happening.

In this amazing image, you can see a whole squad united in their cause of defiance to not let their lead slip.

The referee actually gave away a penalty straight after this, deeming someone to be charging off the line, and substitute goalkeeper had to step up and stop Mayo legend, Diarmuid O'Connor from the spot to save the day.