Three man weave pays off a treat in Antrim club thriller 2 years ago

Three man weave pays off a treat in Antrim club thriller

All over the country, managers are dreaming.

The three man weave. They've been persisting with it for years to grunts and groans from their players. They haven't bowed to the pressure.


The whispers start and the heads shake. They've stayed loyal to their convictions.

The manager is a dreamer. Admittedly, an ideal situation will be required for this drill actually to come off in a match but they hold out hope. One day.

Martin Lynch had his day of days on Monday. And what a day to have it. The Antrim club football semi final against Portglenone. It was less than a week ago when extra-time, free-kicks and a 10:36 finish couldn't separate these juggernauts in battle.

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On Monday, they went at it hammer and tongs again and after all that, the manager's courage of his convictions paid off. Lámh Dhearg's clinical execution of the three man weave had a huge say in it.

2-8 to 0-9 was the final score in the replay at the Dub, the Queen's University sports grounds, with two goals from that stalwart Paddy Cunningham the difference between the sides.

The first goal came just after half-time, a brilliantly taken effort from one of the best finishers around. The second one, only a couple of minutes later, was a real team effort that Cunningham got on the end of.


A turnover in midfield. Three forwards against three backs up top. It can only mean one thing.

The most controversial drill of them all. The drill that commentators have slated for years. The three man weave takes Lámh Dhearg towards the goals and it gives Paddy Cunningham the easiest goal he will ever score.

Video credit: Jerome Quinn Media.


Lámh Dhearg are into the final. Only Cargin stand in their way now.