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14th Jun 2015

The only positive for Armagh today was Kieran McGeeney’s mammoth guns

Geezer must be fond of the classic bicep curls.

Will Slattery

Welcome to the gun show.

When the camera cut to Kieran McGeeney during Armagh’s massively disappointing 2-11 to 0-8 loss to Donegal this afternoon, viewers were greeted by a startling sight.

It wasn’t the Armagh legend using his blackbelt skills to subdue one of Donegal’s marauding attackers, but rather, the sheer size of McGeeney’s arms that got peoples attention.

The Armagh team were in similar shape to their manager, but unfortunately most of them didn’t exhibit the footballing skill to match their burly physiques. McGeeney is a different breed though. There was footage of him wrestling with Conor McGregor in one of those RTÉ documentaries and the Armagh man held his own against the Dubliner.

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