The new UCD jersey just doesn't have a patch on DCU's effort 2 years ago

The new UCD jersey just doesn't have a patch on DCU's effort

What's the better college?

It's an age-old debate, UCD or DCU? Who is better?

If we're going by Sigerson Cups it is UCD as they hold the record with 33 titles as DCU only have four to their name but since 2006 when DCU won their first of four, UCD have only won one.

They'll have to settle it once and for all over the upcoming season but the mental edge surely has to be with DCU.

That's because their new jersey is just so much better than UCD's, we've been tracking it all along.

This is the new home one.

The stripes on the side and back, just beautiful and the round collar neck.

But it gets better, so much better, check out the away jersey.

The dark navy with the blue and yellow stripes, it has the exact ratio of enough going on without it being a mess.

The jersey was so good that there was a jersey launch, the stars were out in force for it too.

To follow suit, UCD decided on a jersey launch of their own but the results weren't quite as pretty.

It's not a bad jersey but it's no DCU.

The crest is nice, and the navy banner that it lies upon is a redeeming feature but in comparison to DCU's, it's just not the full package.