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01st Sep 2018

The story of the “Bulletproof Priest” who gave Tyrone a Mass to remember

Michael Corry

Remember the movie ‘Bulletproof Monk’? Well before the 2008 All-Ireland final the Tyrone plays had their very own ‘Bulletproof Priest’.

The GAA Hour live show was in Dublin last night to preview this weekend’s All-Ireland football final, and the crowd were treated to some fantastic stories.

The evenings first panel was made up Tyrone legend’s, Owen Mulligan, Ryan McMenamin and Joe McMahon.

To put the following story into context, Tyrone manager Mickey Harte is a devout Catholic who has a strong sense of faith, and this is filtered through to his Tyrone team as they regularly attend Mass before their games.

This one encounter with a truly unique priest from Kildare is sure to live long in the memory.

Owen Mulligan got very excited when remembering the mad priest who dedicated a Mass to them before the final.

“He had a cross with bullets in it do you remember that? He had, he f****** had.”

“Do you remember the cloth he had? It was f******* camouflage, I says, ‘This man is a f****** legend.” 

McMenamin got in on the act citing that the priest also had guns running down the camouflage cloth he wore.

“There was AK47’s on it like…”

Mugsy chimed in again.

“I’m not joking ya, a bulletproof cross, it was unbelievable.”

Ricey then referred to some of the players on the team who may have been from republican communities getting excited by the bulletproof priest.

“Then you had some of the men in the republican circles, as soon as they seen the bulletproof cross they were saying ‘Jaysis let’s go'”.

The crowd were in stitches at the thought of the Tyrone team being given Mass by a priest this wild.

It was almost hard to believe that it was true, and at this point Wooly decided to get to the bottom of the tale.

Was it exaggeration, or was it indeed fact. Wooly turned to Joe McMahon and said;

“Joe, tell the truth!”

Big Joe, who had been silent throughout the discussion responded in kind;

“That is the truth…”

Absolutely savage craic!

You can watch Friday night’s show by clicking on the link below.

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