Sneaky Colm Cooper free is the Gooch at his crafty best 6 years ago

Sneaky Colm Cooper free is the Gooch at his crafty best

Some things never change.

The Gooch may have been quick on his feet throughout his legendary Kerry career, but he was always quicker upstairs.


Always thinking, always probing, never making a rash decision, always treating that O'Neill's size five with the respect it deserves.

Cooper's days in the green and gold of the Kingdom may be over, but he's still picking his way through club defences in the south West of the country, and it's the same Colm Cooper, holding onto and caressing that ball as if it's a gift from God.

Thinking how he can get one over on his opposition defenders, how he can outsmart them, how he can play them.

The genius was in action for his club Dr. Crokes in the County Championship on Saturday against the West Kerry outfit, and last year's All-Ireland club champions were giving the 14 men of the West a torrid time.


Already leading by seven points with 32 minutes on the clock, a free was awarded to the Crokes on the 21 yard line.

The referee beckoned him towards the centre of the goals to take it, and he gleefully sprinted over to ready himself.

The West Kerry backs were asleep, and had their backs turned, which was quite the opposite to the eager 34-year-old.

Gooch was ready, he was planning, he was improvising, he curled it into the top corner of the net like he so often does, with that famous left footed pass.


It would remind you of that Ryan Giggs free-kick from back in the day.

Genius, ingenious, whatever you want to call it, that's what sets the best from the rest.