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13th Nov 2018

Sin-bin to remain among GAA rule changes, but only for black card offences

Michael Corry

sin bin

The GAA seem set to alter another one of the five proposed rule changes that will be trialled in 2019.

Last week the kickout rule was amended after it had been trialled in schools and colleges games. Under the proposed rules, kickouts had to travel beyond the 45 metre line and only a limited number of players from each side would be able to contest for it.

However, it was concluded after early trials that policing this proved problematic, therefore this rule was scraped. Instead goalkeepers will take kickouts from the 21 metre line and it must travel beyond the 45 metre line, and there will be no limit on how many players can contest for it.

sin bin

Now, it has been reported by the Independent that another of the proposed rule changes has been altered. Under the new rules, a player who received two yellow cards would not be sent off, but instead sent to the sin-bin for 10 minutes. After consultation with players, managers and officials, it has been concluded that this rule may encourage more fouling in the game therefore it has been scrapped.

The decision to limit the number of substitutions to five will remain.

sin bin

The decision to punish players with 10 minutes in a sin-bin after a second yellow card was a contentious one as it as a severe downgrade from the current rules that see players sent-off for the remainder of the game.

The other three proposals; restricting the hand pass to three before players must kick the ball, having all sideline kicks travel forward unless within 20 metres of the end line and an offensive mark inside the 21 metre line will go ahead as planned.

Central Council will decide on November 24 whether the remaining rule changes will be trialled. If they are passed then they will go ahead as planned for pre-season competitions which are due to get underway next month and continue through to the National League in 2019.

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