Seanie Flood: Lucozade, cigarettes and a GAA icon 1 month ago

Seanie Flood: Lucozade, cigarettes and a GAA icon

Seanie Flood would spend the day farming.

He'd have a few bottles of Lucozade in the tractor, smoke a few fags and he might eat a bag of crisps too.

Meanwhile, Liam Griffin was plotting Wexford's rise, leaving nothing to chance with a monumental training regime, some psychology exercises and a trailer load of stats.

This was 1996, this was unheard of training and it's fair to say Seanie Flood's lifestyle may not have been the most conducive. But while the fags remained, so too did Flood, the Cloughbawn maestro who was one of Wexford's best players.

When he wasn't playing the guitar on a boat in Mexico, he was quietening Johnny Dooley in a Leinster final. He missed the All-Ireland through injury but his words in the dressing room will never be forgotten.

This is Seanie Flood, this a GAA maverick like no other.