Seamus Callanan connection orgasm-worthy but Tipp let down by disallowed goal 5 months ago

Seamus Callanan connection orgasm-worthy but Tipp let down by disallowed goal

Let's not get carried away, but...

One day, somewhere in the green country of Tipperary, someone might name their child after that Seamus Callanan strike.

They'll pass down stories of it - as if there's no highlights - that will be exaggerated to the point that myth tells you Callanan connected with it whilst flying horizontally through the air with two Wexford men on his back.

Argentinian women will weep over the connection.

In o0ne of the most exhilarating first halves of hurling, Wexford and Tipperary served up two goals, 25 points, saw two further green flags struck off, two saved by Brian Hogan and 30 men had the island and beyond hanging off their every swing of a hurl in what was a feast of all that is good about this game.

But even amidst all that drama and beauty, Seamus Callanan's seventh goal of the championship stood head and shoulders above everything else.

As the ball broke in over one of Tipp's deadliest killers (Derek McGrath famously labelling the danger men for the Premier county as the Tipp Killers on Corbett & McGrath), Callanan didn't need to think about his next move.

He simply chased, pulled a hurl at the bouncing sliotar and dragged it beautifully back across goal and into the net.

The skill and concentration to execute that in a game of such speed was simply unbelievable.

Tipperary, however, were denied a second goal after they twice had goals cancelled out, the second of which seemed pretty strange.

Paudie Maher hit net only for the referee to rule it out and, within seconds, Hawk Eye was awarding a point to Wexford which Brian Hogan caught high - but over his bar.

A four-point swing, just like that. Just like hurling.