"It did look like he was looking down" - Tomás Ó Sé on Ryan O'Donoghue incident 5 months ago

"It did look like he was looking down" - Tomás Ó Sé on Ryan O'Donoghue incident

"Has he a case to answer? Probably, yeah."

The role of Ryan O'Donoghue in a set-to, during Sunday's All-Ireland preliminary quarter final, was scrutinised as part of the post-match analysis.


O'Donoghue was part of a four-man scrabble before the second half throw-in and footage caught him appearing to take a swipe at the leg of Galway's Sean Kelly. O'Donoghue was caught on cameras driving an arm into the back of Kelly before glancing down. The cameras picked up the first shot but not what happened after, catching the reaction of Kelly as he lifted his leg and screamed in agony.

On The Sunday Game, Tomás Ó Sé said he believes the Mayo man has a case to answer. He raised the valid point that it was common knowledge Sean Kelly had been in a protective boot on his right leg after last weekend's game against Armagh. He said:

"There's two questions for me - first, does Ryan O'Donoghue look down and does he make contact?

"In my opinion, yes [to both]. Maybe not 100% conclusive from the pictures. Kelly reacts. Was it conclusive from the pictures? Only one man can answer that. There was pushing and shoving going on, all over the pitch... it's probably unlucky he was caught on camera. It did look like he was looking down, and look like he made contact."

Ryan O'Donoghue Ryan O'Donoghue of Mayo, second from left, kicks out at Galway's Seán Kelly, 3, during the GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Preliminary Quarter Final. (Photo by Seb Daly/Sportsfile)

Sean Cavanagh "hesitant" to give definitive Ryan O'Donoghue take

While Tomás Ó Sé was inclined to believe Ryan O'Donoghue had erred, former Tyrone star Sean Cavanagh was a little more "hesitant" and on the fence, based on the evidence available.

"It did look as though Sean Kelly grimaced a bit," he said. "At the same time, it takes two to tango.

"There were four men there, tangling with each other, so I wouldn't want to be overly conclusive until we see pictures."


It remains to be seen if Ryan O'Donoghue will face punishment for the incident, as it would depend on whether there is clear footage of the clash.

Mayo have drawn Dublin in the All-Ireland quarter finals and will be hopeful of having O'Donoghue involved.



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