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21st Jul 2018

Ricey McMenamin is hanging out in a Tyrone pub thronged with Dublin fans

Patrick McCarry

Looks incredible!

Dublin and Ryan ‘Ricey’ McMenamin have a long, storied, occasionally bloody history.

The former Tyrone star always brought his ‘A’ game – playing and trash-talking – whenever he took on the Dubs.

During a cracking live recording of The GAA Hour in Cookstown, ahead of Tyrone and Dublin’s Super 8 clash in Omagh, former players from both counties recalled the infamous ‘Battle of Omagh’ back in 2006.

Former Dublin boss Paul ‘Pillar’ Caffrey recalled how, with Conor Gormley on the sidelines for the league encounter, Ricey McMenamin was the main target. He said:

“I was doing my final team talk and the 15 starting players around me, and we’re in the shower area.

“Just as I’m finishing up, one of my backroom team pushed me out of the way and said, ‘Remember everything f****** Pillar said and when the row kicks off, see your man, he’s to get f****** thumped by everybody!’

That was the treatment McMenamin expected in just about every game he laced up for. He dished it out and took his fair share of licks and verbal jabs in return.

Ahead of the Super 8 encounter at Healy Park this evening, McMenamin – now assistant manager at Fermanagh – met up with an old adversary to enjoy the game. Ricey and former Dublin forward Tomás Quinn found themselves a nice beer garden that happened to be wedged with GAA fans, mostly wearing blue.

The Tyrone legend and Quinn were even treated to a belting version of ‘Come On You Boys in Blue’ as the atmosphere built nicely for the game. There were a few Tyrone jerseys on show but The Ostillers Arms looked to have been taken over by Dubs.

The reveal at the end, with a bearded Ricey batting Quinn’s camera away, is worth the wait.

Who will be singing, and smiling, come the final whistle? Only time will tell.

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