Ranking the 34 home and away county jerseys with one word to describe each 5 years ago

Ranking the 34 home and away county jerseys with one word to describe each

Apologies in advance.

Listen, you probably won't agree with any of these but let's just get down to business.


The new county jerseys for 2017 are looking absolutely glorious. 33 of them are produced by O'Neill's with Azzurri continuing their making of Waterford's strip.

Wexford's new geansaí for the season hasn't yet been officially released but it was seen on the first game week of the National League. One final thing, not every county as of yet has an away shirt - for some, we've just showcased the 'keeper jersey.

Here's our ranking of each team's get-up, taking into account both the home and away strips.

34. Fermanagh


Home: Dull.

Away: Grand.

33. Clare


Home: Too.

Away: Much.



32. Limerick

Home: Chaos.

Away: Ballsy.



31. Down

Home: Committed.

Away: Convicted.

30. Armagh

Home: Inoffensive.

Away: Offensive.

29. Louth


28. Laois

Home: Relax.

Away: Better.

27. Kilkenny

Home: Classic.

Away: Lazy.

26. Antrim

Home: Mild.

Away: Christ.

25. London

Home: Improved.

Away: Neater.

24. Westmeath


23. Longford

Home: Presentable.

Away: Decent.

22. Carlow

Home: AFCON.

Away: Slick.

21. Donegal

Home: Divisive.

Away: Interesting.

20. Meath

Home: Taytoless

Away: Blinding.

19. Offaly

Home: Fearless.

Away: Clean.

18. Wexford


17. Leitrim

Home: Stubborn.

Away: Proud.

16. Kerry

Home: Expected.

Away: 2014.

15. Derry

Home: Simple.

Away: Effective.

14. Cork

Home: Pleasant.

Away: Mmmmm.

13. Tipperary

Home: Tasty.

Away: Overboard.

12. New York

Home: Beautiful.

Away: Imported.

11. Mayo


10. Monaghan

Home: Breathless.

Away: Gorgeous.

9. Kildare

Home: Trusty.

Away: Royal.

8. Wicklow

Home: Fierce.

Away: Stunning.

7. Galway

Home: Super.

Away: Orgasmic.

6. Cavan

Home: Knees.

Away: Buckling.

5. Roscommon

Home: Delicious.

Away: Salivating.

4. Waterford

Home: Otherworldly.

Away: Punching.

3. Dublin

Home: Pristine.

Away: Mouthwatering.

2. Tyrone

Home: Oh.

Away: Baby.

1. Sligo

Home: Perfection.

Away: Fulfilled.