Rage in Midlands as Dublin finally set to play in Portlaoise 7 years ago

Rage in Midlands as Dublin finally set to play in Portlaoise

At least Carlow now knows where it stands.

For the record that is bottom of the Leinster GAA food chain - below Wexford, below Laois and certainly below Kilkenny.


On Wednesday night the Leinster Council announced the venues for the 2017 Leinster football and hurling Championships, with one fixture - even at the remove of eight months - of much interest to fans.

Where would the back-to-back All-Ireland champions Dublin open their defence? Considering they have won 11 of the last 12 provincial titles, where Jim Gavin's team play is of more interest than who they play these days.


In 2016, for the first time in a decade, the Dubs were taken out of Croke Park to play Laois in Nowlan Park, so the expectation was that - having been drawn against the winners of Carlow and Wexford - they would be on the road again in 2017.

And so it came to pass, with Dublin's quarter-final fixed for Wexford Park, if Wexford prevail over their Division 4 rivals, or Portlaoise, should the Carlow men be victorious.

Wait, Portlaoise? Wasn't O'Moore Park deemed unsuitable to host the Dubs last summer? Was that not why Laois fans stayed away from Nowlan Park, as a protest to the Leinster Council's decision to deny them a home fixture against Dublin?

The GAA cited the better facilities in Nowlan Park, despite the world and his dog knowing it was the greater number of seats in the Kilkenny ground that won the day. Despite the Cat Laughs comedy festival meaning their was a severe shortage of accommodation in the Marble City.


The Dubs won easily and the whole controversy went the way of all GAA controversies, until Wednesday night when O'Moore Park was deemed suitable to host the Dubs, when it is a neutral venue at least.

It goes without saying Laois fans were not happy with what they saw as double standards.



Some were suggesting a very flaky conspiracy that hinges on Division 4 Wexford beating Division 4 Carlow

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Then there are confused Carlow fans, asking the same questions Laois supporters were asking last year.

Netwatch Dr Cullen Park, for the record, has a capacity for 21,000 - just 3,000 less than Innovate Wexford Park and 5,000 less than O'Moore Park. However, once more, the issue of seating can be used to explain the GAA's decision, or more importantly the issue of the price of a seated ticket.

Anyone who doubts money makes the GAA world go round has to see the Wexford GAA Twitter account's response to the news.

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