Play on Sean 1 year ago

Play on Sean

"I'd be known for not blowing the whistle too much"

It was a camogie match between Lavey and Bellaghy and the Bellaghy goalkeeper pulled a stroke so good that by the time timber met skin, she was already heading for the line.


Down came Sean McGuigan, the teak tough and widely admired referee - the man known as Play on Sean around these parts - but not even Sean could play on this time.

Stone-wall red in standard ref's terms. Yellow by Sean.

Even on the good days, McGuigan wouldn't get much use out of his cards though and on this day, as he reached into his chest pocket, he realised that he had left them at home.

Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

"I'm going to let you off with a warning this time, I've no cards with me."


McGuigan is the chairman of Slaughtneil GAA club and one of the most respect refs and Gaels in the land.

Play on Sean.