The places some hurling fans have been watching today's final from are pure class 1 year ago

The places some hurling fans have been watching today's final from are pure class

Global Gaels.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the thought of watching the football or hurling from outside of Ireland was just that: a thought.

Luckily, we live in a glorious age of technology, a time when the connection between people and machines is as intense as ever.

Sure, there is credence to the argument that smartphones are decimating meaningful social interactions but how can we be angry at technology when it allows us to watch the All-Ireland final from literally the other side of the world?

Thanks to GAAGO, hurling fans from all over could tune in and watch defending champions Galway take on Limerick at Croke Park.

I mean, they're even watching it in Samoa.

To put that into perspective, Samoa around 3,000km northeast of New Zealand. You can't get much further away than that.

They're tuning in from New Zealand.

And from Texas.

Spain isn't missing out.

The Tribesmen supporters united in Poland.

Limerick fans tuned in from Dubai.

And from the Maldives!

It can even be streamed in Jordan.

Finally, this lad below tuned in against the stunning backdrop of Hong Kong.

It feels fitting that the climax to a truly spectacular year for hurling can be enjoyed from all over planet. Galway and Limerick faithful were, of course, out in full force at Croker, with over 82,000 packed into headquarters for the championship showpiece.

But the enthusiasm for this year's hurling final extends far beyond Dublin. It's great to see and long may it continue!