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06th Apr 2023

Peter Canavan thinks provincial championships could be coming to an end

Lee Costello

Peter Canavan

Teams will no longer prioritise provincial competitions.

Peter Canavan believes that the provincial championships could be coming to an end as the GAA structure will take away some of the gloss of the earlier competition.

Once the provincial champions are concluded this year, there will be a 16-strong All-Ireland group phase awaiting those who remain in the hunt for the Sam Maguire.

The eight provincial finalists will be joined in the round-robin by the seven next-ranked teams based on their final position in this year’s league, while 2022 Tailteann Cup winners Westmeath complete the grouping.

Peter Canavan

Speaking at the launch of RTE’s championship coverage for 2023, he said: “I hate to say it because my provincial medals mean a hell of a lot to me, and they were hard earned.

“There’s a tradition to it, and I know in Ulster and Connacht at the minute it maybe means more to them than the other provinces but it looks like it.

“I think their [managers’] priority is going to be the round robin. A lot of teams are in that already regardless of how well they do,” Canavan continued.

Peter Canavan

“Some would argue that if Mayo get beaten this weekend that that will strengthen them and they’d be in a better position possibly.

“Without a doubt, it’ll be a case of whatever team hits their peak at the end of June and end of July. At the minute it’s a wee bit easier for Dublin and Kerry to do that than it is for the Connacht and Ulster teams.”

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