'No more midnight tweets' - Paul Flynn responds to tweet controversy 1 month ago

'No more midnight tweets' - Paul Flynn responds to tweet controversy

Twitter is an unforgiving place.

We know that.


Words will be twisted, conclusions will be leapt towards, straws will be clutched and, on a day like today, nobody knows it better than Paul Flynn.

The morality police were out in full-force in his tweet replies on Tuesday, they came for him like moral long jumpers as, suddenly, he found himself in the cancellation brigade's firing line.

It's not a great place to be.

Flynn's crime is that he thinks James McCarthy should be the Footballer of the Year instead of David Clifford.


Yes, he used some creative language to make his point, but it hardly means he's unfit for his role as an analyst, as some are suggesting, that he didn't live up to his former role as chief executive of the GPA.

"Clifford was smoked against Dublin and poor against Tyrone yet still people think he is footballer of the year," tweeted Flynn.

"Not for me - James Mc led Dublin to glory without having his best day yest! He’s a born winner and leader," tweeted Flynn initially.


Use of the word 'smoked' wasn't wise but it hardly amounts to the 'mask slipping,' or keyboard warrior style behaviour, but such was the backlash to Flynn's tweet that he felt compelled to respond.

In his response, he confirmed what we already knew. That he loves David Clifford - we all love David Clifford - the only reason the obvious had to be pointed out in his case was to appease a blood-baying crew.

"Bit of controversy re my last tweet," he replied this afternoon.


"Do I think Mick Fitz got the better of Clifford? Yes Do I think Clifford was POTY? No Do I think he’s one of best in our generation? Yes - and top ambassador for game. No more midnight tweets..."

Soon the morality place will have their way and opinions, of all kinds, will be banned.

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