Paudie Clifford suggests potential tweak in Kerry SFC format after divisional side's victory 3 weeks ago

Paudie Clifford suggests potential tweak in Kerry SFC format after divisional side's victory

Paudie Clifford has suggested a slight tweak in the lay-out of the Kerry senior football championship.

The East Kerry captain played a key role in his divisional side's 2-10 to 0-15 win over mid Kerry, in what was a repeat of last year's county final.


The increasing prominence of the divisional sides has led to some dissenting voices in the Kingdom, recently, with Tralee club Kerins O'Rahillys lamenting the 'special status' afforded to them whereby the are 'exempt from relegation/demotion from the top tier.'

O'Rahillys, freshly relegated to intermediate level for the first time in their history, feel there should be more than just eight clubs in the Kerry SFC. Speaking after his side's victory, Paudie Clifford also acknowledged this point, despite stressing the importance of divisional teams.

The Fossa club-man suggested that, as is the case in the Cork premier senior football championship, the divisional teams could have a play-off among themselves to decide which of them goes forward to the knock-out stages of the county championship.

"I always think there's a place for divisional teams," Clifford told TG4.


"There could obviously be more senior (club) teams in Kerry, there's no doubt about that.

"So maybe, like what they do in Cork, where they have to play-off, maybe they could look at something like that."

In Cork this year, the divisional teams and colleges played off a mini-championship among themselves before Duhallow advanced to the knock-out stages of the competition proper. They were subsequently defeated by Nemo Rangers in the semi-final.


"But there is always a place for divisional teams in Kerry football and in the Kerry county championship," said Clifford.

Meanwhile, man-of-the-match Darragh Roche hailed the East Kerry management team, led by Jerry O'Sullivan, for ensuring the divisional team bonded well.


"We've a good base of fellas there for the last couple of years and in fairness to Gerry and the management, they make a really good job of bonding us and getting us to play together," said Roche,

"You've a short window and it is difficult, and I'm just delighted we got over the line here again you know."

On a day when David Clifford was held to a point from play, his Kerry team-mate Roche said it was nice to take the burden off him for a change.

"David has pulled us out of the fire every year so it's nice to give him a bit of a break today, you know," he laughed.



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