Padraic Joyce denies reports that Galway refused to return to pitch unless Hawkeye decision was overturned 2 months ago

Padraic Joyce denies reports that Galway refused to return to pitch unless Hawkeye decision was overturned

"We were never not going to come out."

Just before half time in Galway's tense semi-final against Derry in Croke Park, Shane Walsh slots over a 45, the point is awarded by the referee, no qualms from the Oakleaf players, and everyone sets out to prepare for the kickout.


Then, Hawkeye intervenes, telling the referee that the point was now ruled out, as the technology claims it went wide of the posts.

Following some clear footage, it was obvious to see that the ball had indeed gone over the bar, and Galway chairman Paul Bellew, told Galway Bay FM that the Tribesmen were not going to return to the field unless the point was awarded.

Thankfully, sense prevailed, the point was given, and the game continued without the use of Hawkeye, and was again absent in the other semi-final between Kerry and Dublin.


However, Galway manager Padraic Joyce, has since debunked the claim that they refused to go back out for the second half, and states that they have no issue with Hawkeye being used in the final.

"We were never not going to come out, don't worry about that," he said.

"We have to go with what Croke Park decide. They're the governing body of the GAA, they tell us when we're playing, where we're playing and who's refereeing the matches.

"We've enough to be worrying about. All we can do is tell players that when they're shooting to put it over the middle spot if they can so that there's no doubt."


With Walsh's score added, Galway started the second half level with Derry at 0-4 to 0-4, before kicking on to secure an emphatic victory.

"That score that Shane kicked, there wasn't even a debate on that. It was a foot inside the post," Joyce said.

"We asked for clarity from our county secretary, I said 'that ball was over, you need to go and review that'.


"In fairness the umpire on the day, he waved it over. Even when he crossed the flags, if you watch the tape he was shaking heads with the other umpire that they had to cancel the score."

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