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08th Nov 2018

The Offaly Boston goalkeeper jersey is weakening knees


It’s been a hell of an off-season.

Never has a post inter-county calendar been as packed and as dramatic as 2018’s.

It all started with Mayo, keeping Stephen Rochford on and then forcing Stephen Rochford to feel like he had to walk away. Then it kept going with Mayo with the endless saga of the ladies walkout and the press conferences and allegations and everything else.

Then a committee went and proposed five new rule changes to football that would completely and utterly change the game.

There were fights, there were brawls, there was violence outside the wire.

And as surely as the football and the hurling kept flowing, the new jerseys kept coming too.

New Viking Gaels kit with Carlsberg sponsor will be hottest-selling jersey of winter

Dublin launched a new design, Mayo did too and Ulster University changed its colours.

And Masita continued to knock it out of the park.

Now, they’ve introduced their new Offaly Boston designs but the goalkeeper kit has a patch of drool lying all around the online shop.

Still white, green and yellow, it’s a bold step away from the O’Neill’s number for the actual Faithful county but it’s a better step and somehow combines a new improvisation with beautiful simplicity.

The ‘keeper jersey is definitely the best but there’s something for the more extravagant who fancy something a bit more of a statement with the away jersey.

They’re all available at Masita now.

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