Moorefield's homecoming into Newbridge would leave everyone without a championship medal jealous 5 years ago

Moorefield's homecoming into Newbridge would leave everyone without a championship medal jealous

It's not a party until Jumpin' Johnny Peters shows up.

Not in Newbridge anyway.


Even when it's December 17 and the pitch is soft and the air is biting, the most special moments of club players' lives can be cut out and immortalised in random locations around the country.

For Moorefield, what happened in Portlaoise on Sunday and the last seven minutes of game time in particular will never be forgotten in the club's proud history.

Winning a club championship is the Holy Grail but, for most people, it will elude them throughout their entire careers and yet they keep going anyway for the love of the club, for the love of the journey.


For the lucky few who reach the top, it would almost break your heart looking on from the outside wondering what that feeling must be like.

That's why you keep going, to get those moments with your own people and to get them all for yourself.


Moorefield arrived home on Sunday night into Newbridge and it was honestly just beautiful.

Whilst Jumpin' Johnny Peters sang them out of the battlefield in Laois, it was the club people who made it all the more special on the roads of Kildare.

Men, women, children flooded the Newbridge streets in celebrations under the dark sky as elderly folk, kids on shoulders and grown men jumped around with their hands in the air to welcome the Moorefield bus back into town.


It was just the club's second ever Leinster success but this one came in the most crazy of circumstances and, by Jesus, it was celebrated in the most special way - the sort of way that would make the rest of Ireland jealous.

This is Moorefield's night forever. The rest of us can just try to copy it some other time.

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