Meath man means to text girlfriend... sends it to GAA WhatsApp group instead 3 years ago

Meath man means to text girlfriend... sends it to GAA WhatsApp group instead

Always check and then double check and then just don't send anything by text ever again.

When the risk is as high as sending something into your GAA WhatsApp group, it's not worth it. Just communicate orally or face to face from now on - why would you bother taking the chance?


Listen, we've all fallen victim to something like this.

You're looking to bitch about a mate and send it straight through to his phone.

You're looking to send someone on a photo and it goes to the wrong address.

You want to start a coup against the manager and you give him all the details.

Look at these examples of GAA players texting their coaches by mistake.

Poor George really unloaded.

Wrong number.


The height of disrespect.

Only when you're not doing it behind their backs any longer.

Trying to mock someone with direct quotes.


Easy to figure out this is a bitching session though when the quotes are directly the manager's.

But spare a thought for the poor fella who's actually pretty innocent. He's not looking to whinge about the coach, he's not looking to have a go at anyone. All he wants to do is contact his girlfriend and live in peace.

Then, of course, he fires it onto the GAA WhatsApp group.


This happened in Meath on Wednesday evening after work.

The irony of it all this is that apparently the same boy likes to rip the piss out of lads for being whipped by their other halves and now the tables have seemingly turned.

Thursday's session should be interesting.