Meath goalkeeper saves penalty and scores peach of a goal in the one game 1 year ago

Meath goalkeeper saves penalty and scores peach of a goal in the one game

Flash! Ah-ah! Saviour of the universe.

Flash! Ah-ah! He'll save everyone of us.

David Gordon had one hell of an eventful Wednesday evening.

Seneschalstown took a big scalp - and made a bigger statement - with a hammering of title-chasing St. Colmcille's and it was their goalkeeper, Flash, who took the plaudits.

In Round 8 of the Meath Football B League Division One clash, it played out as 10-goal feast in a sun-soaked Royal county but the home side came out on top with 15 points to spare:

Seneschalstown 7-10 St. Colmcille's 3-7

Amidst the 10 green flags and 17 points, there was an individual performance to take serious note of.

In the one match, David Flash Gordon did what very, very few goalkeepers have ever done in the long history of Gaelic football as he saved a penalty to deny St. Colmcille's and he scored a penalty to register three points for Seneschalstown. Saved a penalty, scored a penalty and both of them at the same end of the field.


And, sweet lord, it was one pinger of an effort from him as he drove and curled the size five into the top left corner of the net with the sort of composure and conviction of a man who should be played in front of the posts at the other side of the pitch more often.

It wasn't much of an equal, the Colmcille's spot kick as Gordon stood in position and second-guessed the taker was going straight down the middle but he still had the wherewithal to pick up his parry and kick out to a team mate to launch another attack.

It was all captured by the Seneschalstown account who picked up the passionate club men who seemed more impressed with the save than the glorious goal from Flash Gordon.

David Gordon's motto is #LiveLife. This is a man just enjoying himself on the football pitch. Stopping goals, scoring goals, playing ball. Living life.