What Mayo's jersey could look like if they changed to a foreign manufacturer 2 years ago

What Mayo's jersey could look like if they changed to a foreign manufacturer

A hard-nosed Mayo GAA fanatic may argue that you couldn't possibly improve on the perfection that is the county's jersey.

As you can tell from its very high placing in our ranking of every inter-county GAA jersey, we'd be inclined to agree with this sentiment. O'Neill's have hit all the right notes with their design, achieving the difficult feat of keeping it traditional while adding a modern twist.

However, we at SportsJOE can't help but ask the question what if? What if some big-shot football kit manufacturer from some far-off land decided to shake things up and start producing Mayo's official jersey.

They would probably look a lot slicker than the 15 prototype shirts we created based on actual ones made by kit-makers, but this may give you a rough idea of how different the jersey could look.

(You can check out our mock-up European versions of the Dublin GAA jersey here.)

Crystal Palace

Yellow features quite prominently on the crest, so why can't you add a splash to the shirt itself?

Mayo Crystal Palace


Hang tight, there's plenty more on the way.

Mayo Villareal

Fortuna Dusseldorf

This is the only one that's even remotely close to the actual Mayo jersey... and it's still completely different.

Mayo Fortuna D


There's no shame in trying to blind your opponent with sheer gaudiness in order to gain a slight edge.

Mayo Genoa


It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em.

Mayo Ajax



We may have our winner... of what exactly, we're not too sure.

Mayo Basle 1



The reverse-Carlow.

Belgium MAyo


We're yet to be convinced that the Mayo curse actually exists, but this monstrosity seems like it has some sort of hex on it.

Mayo Bordeaux1


One for the Reds supporters, everyone else probably won't be on board.

Liverpool Mayo1


AS Monaco

It also doubles as a badminton shirt.

Monaco Mayo

Manchester United

Very loosely based on a United away jersey. Just don't tell the ABU brigade.

Man Utd MAyo

Czech Republic

How tight is too tight?


Czech Republic Mayo

Sparta Praha

Kicking it old school.

Sparta Prague Mayo

Paris Saint-Germain

Don't they call Ballina the "Paris of the West"?

They don't? Never mind.

Mayo PSG


Make the jersey first and the tiki-taka should follow.

Mayo Barcelona1