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14th Apr 2023

LGFA heavily criticised for giving players ‘suggested answers’ to media questions

Lee Costello


“For the LFGA to attempt to silence them was wrong”.

The LGFA has came under a lot of criticism after it was revealed that they sent players a document full of “suggested answers” to tough media questions.

Former Donegal ladies star Maureen O’Donnell has labelled an LGFA document as “an insult to players’ intelligence.”

The Irish Sun exclusively revealed earlier this week that the counties involved in this weekend’s LFGA League finals were sent a four-page dossier of seven templated answers ahead of Tuesday’s press event to publicise the Division 1,2,3 and 4 showpieces.

These answers were regarding issues like the LGFA’s new transgender policy, and Cavan’s refusal to field a team against Tyrone amid a row with their county board over expenses.


The correspondence ended with the paragraph: “Media may try to focus on the questions outlined above so please be prepared and also be prepared at all times to move the line of questioning back to football matters.”

O’Donnell, who represented Donegal for over a decade and a half, was shocked by the LGFA’s approach.

“When I read it first I was a little surprised because the LGFA has made some really good strides forward in recent times. My heart sank really because this kind of thing represents a real step backwards,” O’Donnell told Donegal Live.

“At the end of the day, the media aspect of things is there so players have a voice, people can express their opinions. If you don’t have freedom to express those opinions then what do you become but puppets on a string?


“I know it was the LFGA league final representatives involved in this but look through the Donegal team, look close to home here. There are teachers, vets, doctors and so on involved there.

“And I’m sure it’s the exact same in the likes of those counties that were furnished with this document. You’re talking about young, intelligent and articulate people. I know the LGFA has since come out and said these were only guideline answers for anyone not comfortable or used to media duties.

“But even if that was the case it was still a very misguided effort on their behalf. These girls are role models, influencers and for the LFGA to attempt to silence them was wrong.


“There is no doubt that the likes of the transgender rule and the Cavan situation are tricky topics but let the girls express their own opinions on that. Even if those opinions are contrasting, it’s no big deal.

“I remember my first time being in front of a camera or microphone. You are nervous. But you get on with that and at the end of the day my voice is only an opinion. And it’s the exact same thing with these girls now.

“The recent strides by the LGFA were made, I feel, because they’ve been open and approachable. We’ve needed the media and we’ve made huge ground by being accessible. Regardless of the intentions, even if they were good, we can’t suddenly begin to shut up shop or look to frame certain subjects the LGFA might feel uncomfortable with.

“There has always been that sort of management or cloaked approach by the GAA towards the media. It hasn’t really been a thing with the LGFA simply because we’ve wanted a bigger spotlight and more coverage of our games.

“I’d hate to think we’ve reached a level now where we think that relationship can suddenly become much more one-sided. Yes, we are all veering towards coming under that one umbrella. But let’s retain some of the uniqueness that brought us to where we now current are at in the first place”.

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