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30th Apr 2017

Kerry legend and Drake fan Eoin Liston dropping bombs on Twitter

Bomber's tweeting is on fleek

Mikey Stafford

Hate to tell you this, but some people take Twitter very seriously.

Whether it is responding to journalists who are definitely biased against their football team, arguing with people who do not share their political views, or trolling celebrities, it seems there is a sizeable contingent out there who use the social network to be a bit aggro.

So we should be very thankful for the likes of Eoin Liston, as the Bomber clearly sees Twitter for what it is – a bit of craic.

According to his bio, the Bomber is “QFA at Premier Financial Services, Tralee Deposits, Investments, Personal Life Cover, Specified Illness Cover, Business Cover & Pensions. (Personal & Executive)”

What he neglects to mention in his bio are his seven All-Ireland football medals, four All-Stars or the fact he lined out for Kerry in 1993 – 16 years after making his debut.

He also leaves off the fact he is a funny man – a funny man who is happy to make jokes that would fly over the head of most 59-year-olds.

On Saturday there was this reflection on the stir around Dublin for the Bruno Mars gig at the 3 Arena.

The diminutive singer was doing it for the Bomber, who prefers Canadian rapper Drake.

Earlier this month there was a trip to the cinema with his “bae”.

While he can also take the piss out of fellow Kerryman Paul Galvin and elicit a response.

So, if you clicked through to this article from Twitter, don’t take it too serious – just go give The Bomber a follow. He knows the craic.