Commentator goes wild as John McGrath wins Tipperary football final at the death 1 year ago

Commentator goes wild as John McGrath wins Tipperary football final at the death

The man, the myth, the legend.

Not satisfied with being a hero in Tipperary hurling, John McGrath has ensured legendary status with his club on the football pitch now as well.


Clonmel Commercials were on the brink of sealing their third Tipperary Senior Football title in a row when John McGrath produced a moment that would make any cynic believe in miracles.

Loughmore-Castleiney had not taken the lead once throughout the game until the dying seconds, when they were still two points down and the ball found its way to John McGrath.

The dual star didn't so much catch the ball that was passed to him, as much as he caressed it carefully, and fluidly guided it in a swinging motion to his foot, before striking it into the net.


The goal put Loughmore-Castleiney in the lead by a single point and secured their first title since 2016.

If you were left in any doubt about the sheer importance and ridiculous skill of this goal, then you only need to hear the commentator describe the events unfold.


His voices raises as he loses all composure, but beautifully and simply summarises the details of what just happened and what it means.

"A goal! A goal in the county final! A goal for John McGrath, a goal for Castleiney."

Semple Stadium roared and the collective sounds of Castleiney cheers and Commercials' hearts breaking mixed together, to create a rapturous atmosphere.

McGrath's goal secured their victory and was actually a reverse of last year's final, when the Commercials won in a similarly dramatic fashion.


The trophy is certainly all about the team, but the individual accolades are piling up for the Tipp man as he continues an unbelievable roll of Man of the Match awards in succession.

This season,  MOTM trophies have been awarded to him in the county quarter-finals, semi-finals, and now finals for both football and hurling games.

It's John McGrath's world lads, and we're all just living in it.