Joe Canning brings the country to its knees with the most mouthwatering pass 5 years ago

Joe Canning brings the country to its knees with the most mouthwatering pass

Never watch Joe Canning play hurling when you're dehydrated.

He'll only draw every last drop of saliva out of you until you're frothing and lying helplessly in wonder of what this man can do, nearly begging him to stop but, of course, you don't want him to.


Against Dublin, the Tribesmen's gem was at it again. He doesn't know any other mode - it's either magical stuff or it's either... he's just not playing.

He produced another no-look hand pass to a runner going in the other direction of him again but this wasn't a behind-the-back piece of audacity, it was across his chest but straight onto the run of a team mate he could only see if his peripheral vision was 360.

His pass to Jason Flynn was on another level again though and it should've reaped a sure goal. Pure accuracy, pure, glorious weight, and such a delicious flight on the ball that it'd make your knees weak.


The ball to Flynn was from the right wing and it absolutely fizzed over the heads of every defender in a darting straight line right into the path of his team mate who was at the other side of the backline and left with an angle at the goals such was the torpedo-like nature of the assist.

Flynn, however, blazed over.

This is where Canning was.


This is where Flynn was.

No room for error.


You can see it after 33 seconds below but it's not done justice. At all.

It won the hearts of everyone in Ireland too.


And he doesn't mind a selfie either.