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24th Oct 2023

Jim McGuinness’ comments should be a warning for Donegal’s rivals

Lee Costello

Jim McGuinness

“We are still trawling the county.”

New Donegal manager Jim McGuinness clearly has a plan ready to be executed in 2024, and it should come as a warning to those who wish to rival challenge him next year.

McGuinness has returned for a second stint as Donegal manager, after he left in 2014, having led the side to two All-Ireland finals, winning one back in 2012.

The Ulster county haven’t lifted Sam Maguire since then, and are hoping McGuinness hasn’t lost his touch as he attempts to guide Donegal back to the very top.

Speaking to Donegal Live, the former Celtic coach has revealed that he and his staff have watched practically every potential player there is for Donegal.

“We have players to find, a style of play to work on and we have a lot of things we need to get our head around over the next number of weeks and months.

“We are still trawling the county and we identified a lot of players through the club championship.

“I suppose there was a lot of criticism over the championship from the amount of games they were playing for not much gain.

“But the good thing from my point of view was that there were a lot of games to go and see. And there is not really a player in the county that we have not had a chance to look at.”

We can expect to see a plethora of new names in the Donegal squad next year, and you imagine a few others will be cut, so there will be big changes in personnel from the very start.

After being relegated from Division One last year, they will have to compete in Division Two to start their season, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be treating the competition with any less intensity,

“We will focus on Division Two first and foremost and there are a lot of good teams in there as well and big managers too.

“But our priority is to get a team ready for the Ulster Championship and to use the league to try and get promotion if we can and if not, get a good foundation for the next few years.”

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