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15th May 2023

Jamie Clarke disagrees with Lee Keegan and Paul Flynn’s point on Tyrone

Lee Costello

Jamie Clarke

“I just wouldn’t agree with them.”

Jamie Clarke disagrees with Lee Keegan and Paul Flynn’s prediction that Tyrone are the best contenders for the All-Ireland to helm from Ulster.

Derry beat Armagh on penalties in a dramatic game that saw the Oakleaf county win back to back Ulster finals, but the margins between the two sides were so minimal that it was almost unfair to pick a winner.

However, despite being knocked out in the first round against Monaghan, Flynn and Keegan both agreed that Tyrone were the best contenders in the province.

Speaking on the latest episode of the GAA Hour, the former Armagh star disputes this claim.

“I just wouldn’t agree with them, I think they’re basing that on previous years where Tyrone came back through the back door, and put a run together.

“This Armagh team is different, this Derry team is different. Derry have won back to back Ulsters, so I would say they probably edge it as the best team in the province at the minute with Armagh behind.

“I can see the point they’re trying to make, and I don’t think it was anything controversial, I just think from their playing experience they maybe favour Tyrone’s playing style and maybe their ability to play against teams like the Dubs and Mayo, from previous games gone by.

“It’s probably because they won that All-Ireland, and that’s still maybe hanging in there, but then Monaghan beat Tyrone. It’s always going to be quite competitive and I think the National League shows that, because the games were so close.

Jamie Clarke

“But at the minute, in terms of All-Ireland contenders, you would have to say that Derry are slightly ahead of both Armagh and Tyrone.”

Armagh and Tyrone are in the same group, so we will see them face off against each in the championship very soon, but the Red Hands have a huge task on their hands as they are set to face Galway in their first game of the All-Ireland series.

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