Inbetweeners star sends All-Ireland semi-final message to Derry cult hero 1 month ago

Inbetweeners star sends All-Ireland semi-final message to Derry cult hero

"Ohh football friends."

Derry players have been elevated from decent, to good, to brilliant across this season, as those outside of Ulster have now had a chance to watch them strut their stuff.


GAA fans now know names like Shane McGuigan, Brendan Rodgers, Chrissy McKaigue and Conor Glass, but in every team, from club all the way through to county, there is one player who stands out above the rest - the cult hero.

Not to be confused with the star man, this is a different title. This is the player who pops up in the big games with big moments, but just has an undeniable connection with the fans.

Those in the stands see him as the player who best epitomises what it means to represent the county, and in this case, it is undeniably Benny Heron.


The goal scoring machine has had his critics in the past but at the moment and time, he's bursting the net every single game.

Such is the profile of the Ballinascreen man, Inbetweeners star Jay, has even sent out a video to @heron_goat Twitter account, wishing the Oakleaf forward good luck against Galway.

"Benny - Benny the GOAT, the greatest of all time. Your football friends - ooh football friends - just wanted me to wish you the best of luck for the semi-final of the All-Ireland against Galway, I'm sure you're going to absolutely smash it.

"And I tell you what, right? I'll tell you what... you do well, if you pull it out of the bag, I think we all head down to Caravan club to celebrate.


"I'll even teach you how to put the balls in, how to do the one-pump orgasm, and how you're going to need some wellies mate, because you will be knee deep in clunge, you know how it works.

"And I don't know how I could possibly motivate you anymore, Benny, get out there, and get the job done, and be a bus w****r."