"I have no doubt there are fair procedures in place" - Feargal Logan defends GAA's disciplinary system 1 year ago

"I have no doubt there are fair procedures in place" - Feargal Logan defends GAA's disciplinary system

"The rulebook is clear, it's fair."

The disciplinary system implemented by the GAA has came under a lot of flack in recent weeks.


The debacle between Donegal and Armagh which saw four Armagh players have their suspensions overturned because they appealed it, while Donegal's two suspensions weren't appealed, and therefor the ban carried through - has really brought the system under scrutiny.

Oisin McConville has since said that the system needs to be "reworked and revamped," while Declan Bonner stated after the game that the process was "in tatters."

The week before this Ulster tie, Tyrone met Fermanagh in the championship, and Conor McKenna received a red card, which meant he would miss the next game against Derry.


However, the Red Hand county appealed the decision and the suspension has been rescinded, meaning the player is available for selection.

Tyrone joint manager, Feargal Logan, who is also a solicitor by trade, believes that there is nothing wrong with the current system.

"Disciplining anyone in any arena, be it an employment arena, recreational arena or anywhere, there are dangers within that system," Logan told the BBC.


"We live in an age of absolute fair procedures and that's what's expected. The rulebook is clear, it's fair.

"Sometimes high-profile things happen where people are cleared and it brings a bit of a furore, but listen, I've been about it for a long number of years and it's inherently fair if it's properly used and the individuals who are taking on the role of disciplining within the association are to be commended for the time, energy and endeavour they put into it.

"I certainly wouldn't be in any way commenting contrary to the whole position.


"There are times when things go off-kilter and it's difficult to keep the referee's view in mind, the player's view and the manager's view so it's a complex area, but if somebody were to undertake a comparative analysis of rugby, soccer and all sports, I'm sure things could be foreshortened in the system, or other ways the system could be aided or assisted.

"But in the meantime, and for everyone involved in the association I have no doubt there are fair procedures in place.

"There are lots of checks and balances in the rulebook and I've always said they are there for fair procedures and that fair procedures are followed.

"The referee has a say in his report, every player is entitled to have their say - they either accept the proposed penalty or they request a hearing, which is their opportunity to state their case.


"That's what happened in Conor's, we got to the hearing, there was no appeal made, it was simply a hearing and the fairness of the checks and balances prevailed and Conor's red card was rescinded.

"We accept it's a very, very difficult job for referees and it's nigh-on impossible at times, but there is a safety net with the benefit of video evidence and that's what we invoked and we urged others to look at to get to the facts of the situation."