The high protein GAA diet that will have you fighting fit for the summer 4 years ago

The high protein GAA diet that will have you fighting fit for the summer

Eat your way onto the starting XV

Offaly footballer Paraic Sullivan has given some great diet tips that should see you right.


The Rhode clubman has been using his blog, onlytwiceplease, to detail his recovery from injury and it makes for fascinating reading.

Sullivan is a big fan of a protein rich diet and he has shared what he advises sports people to put into their bodies to try and maximise their performance.

It begins with the building blocks of what muscle needs to both perform and to recover and that's lots and lots of protein.

diet one


Sullivan also gives advice on what sports people can snack on during the day if they want to keep their energy up, as well as keeping hunger at bay.

diet 2

Well that's us on prawn sandwiches from now on.

Having been involved with county and club sides over the last number of years, Sullivan dispels what he believes are some common myths in relation to food and what is good and not so good for the body.


diet 3

The player also gives some helpful advice on what stage you have to be to really enjoy your meal.

We're going to use this the next time our girlfriend complains that's she's starving, "Are you really at 10, because I'm more of a six right now".

diet 4


You can see the full diet here 

*Updated from piece first posted in April 2015