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11th Jun 2024

GAA to trial new rules at intercounty games this weekend

Callum Boyle

GAA trials

Players from five counties will take part in the first trial this weekend

Players from five separate counties will trial a number of new rules following a number of proposals sent to Jim Gavin-chaired Football Review Committee.

A team comprised of former intercounty managers and GAA staff have been compiled in order to devise the set of new rules that will be trialled before being given the green light.

The first set of trials will be held in five counties no longer competing in the 2024 championship (Waterford, Longford, Wexford, Offaly and Carlow) after a survey response received over 5,000 replies.

These new rules will cover 13 separate areas of the game including starting play, in possession of the ball, scoring, tackle, tactical/delaying fouls, cynical/black card fouls, aggressive fouls, accidental fouls, dissent, general fouls and the advantage rule.

What proposals are there?

One of the biggest proposals is to award teams two points for a score  from outside a 40m arc. A goal meanwhile would become four points and a score inside the arc would still be a single point.

The radius of the arc would begin on the midpoint of the goal line and arc back to the 20m line.

Other suggestions have included a one v one battle for throw-ins, which includes the start of each half. There’s also been calls for both teams to keep a minimum of three players within the 65m.

Some rules however will have adjustments such as removing the five-second advantage rule and even awarding a black card to players for holding them up but not grounding them.

The trials, named “SandBox Games” will take place in Mullingar (June 15), Claremorris (June 22), Portlaoise (June 29), Armagh (July 6) and Limerick (July 20).

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