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11th Jun 2024

GAA president defends new All-Ireland final ticket prices

Callum Boyle

All-Ireland final tickets

Fans have complained at the price hike

GAA president Jarlath Burns has admitted that the new ticket prices for the All-Ireland final is “a lot” but defended the decision to hike the price up.

Last month it was revealed that the price of stand tickets for the All-Ireland finals would increase from €90 to €100 and terrace tickets from €50 to €55.

Although it’s the first price hike since 2018 and only the second in 11 years the decision has been met with backlash from supporters however Burns has highlighted a redistribution of finances across the GAA as the motivation to bump up the prices despite claiming four years ago that the price of a ticket was too expensive.

Speaking on RTE’s Morning Ireland, he said: “I understand that there will be certainly eyebrows raised at that.

“It was a very big move for us to go to three figures, but remember, it’s the first time since 2018 we’ve changed (prices). It’s only the second time since 2011.

“We all know where inflation has gone, but I think our members understand that 83% of everything we earn is ploughed right back into the game. We have 350 coaches, we’re spending €7m on those at the minute. That’s going to go up to €12m. We’re increasing that number, we’re actually giving them better terms.

“Over the next year, we’re going to spend €5m on our county grounds. Last year, we gave €3m to our clubs in grants. That’s going up to €4.5m next year and the year after up to €5m.”

All-Ireland ticket prices are ‘good value’

As he continued to defend the increase in price, the former Armagh county footballer highlighted incentives that help to bring down the cost of matches and said paying €100 for an All-Ireland final ticket is worth the money.

“If you have a child and you’re bringing your child to the National League matches it’s free into that. It was only €5 for a juvenile to get into all of the games in all of the championship matches so far.

“It is quite good value, but we do understand that €100 is a lot for an All-Ireland final ticket.”

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