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22nd Oct 2021

GAA dressing rooms are set to reopen but water breaks will stay

Lee Costello

“Time spent in dressing rooms should be kept to a minimum.”

Club GAA dressing rooms can finally reopen, the association confirmed today, in updated guidelines issued to clubs following the latest Irish Government update in relation to Covid restrictions.

The water breaks look like they are set to stay, regardless of restrictions easing elsewhere, but the situation with the changing rooms will be relaxed.

However, due to the differing rules between the north and south, the GAA has set out different guidelines for both jurisdictions.

The guideline says, “It is advised that time spent in dressing rooms or showers should be kept to a minimum and that where possible, pre-game or half time team talks should take place outdoors.

“Where individuals have mixed immunity status the use of dressing rooms and showers should remain pod-based (with usage in groups of no more than 6 at any time).”

Vaccine status is not a factor in the north, where dressing rooms are now permitted to open.

“Again usage should be avoided or minimised where possible (for example, by arriving in kit and showering at home) and again, time spent in dressing rooms should be kept to a minimum.

“In both jurisdictions, where dressing rooms are being used, hand sanitization stations should be in place at the entrance, the areas should be well ventilated (i.e. windows or doors left open), masks should be worn (except if using showers) and no one other than team or support personnel should be permitted entry.

“Clubs should continue to promote hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette through signage, posters etc. and deep cleaning of shared areas should be carried out on a regular basis.”

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