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21st Aug 2021

The five types of tattoos that GAA players have

Lee Costello

It’s tribal mate.

Traditionalists don’t like them but pretty much everyone has a tattoo these days, even if it’s just a little tiny heart emoji on your ankle.

Although it’s extremely common in soccer, you would have to say that the majority of GAA player’s arms remain bare.

However, there are a few renegades who love a bit of ink, and love to show it off at as well, so here’s the five types of tattoos normally found on a GAA player.

1. Old school

Possibly something that was got on holiday when feeling a little devilish and full of dutch courage, but if you love the GAA, you may as well let everybody know it, and what better way to show that than stamp the original emblem of the organisation itself on your leg.

2. The club badge

“Lismore forever” – and it really is forever remember. The old club badge tattoo is a classic, and a common ‘go-to’ for those who want to get a tattoo, but really want something “that means something to me.”

3. The Number

Very common in soccer players, if they have been number 7 or number 9 their whole careers, then they would brand themselves with that number in the form of a tattoo. It’s almost a part of their identity. However, in the ever changing world of the GAA and positions, you’re very rarely the same number every single game.

4. Irish and proud

There’s nothing more Irish than Gaelic football and hurling anyway, so it’s natural that a lot of players will have that pride and patriotism for their country. The harp emblem, a shamrock or the geographical outline of the country – these would all be the norms.

5. All or Nothing

No sense in half-assing it here, if you’re going to get a tattoo then go all out! As sported here by Mayo legend, Ciaran McDonald, the full sleeve look is making its way into the game.

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