Five of the finest from David Clifford with the shooting boots ON 9 months ago

Five of the finest from David Clifford with the shooting boots ON

David Clifford. Different Class.

Only a team with David Clifford in it could be losing by seven points after 15 minutes, yet still feel that game was there for the taking.

East Kerry were always in with a shout.

Kerins O'Rahilly's began like men on a mission in Tralee last Saturday night in this Round Three Kerry championship clash. Three goals banged in within a quarter of an hour, Barry John Keane, Jack Savage and Karl Mullins were causing wreck. Mike Quirke's men were well on their way.

But David Clifford was on the field in a red east Kerry jersey and he was purring around Austin Stack Park. The left was in motion and the right was swinging too.

Clifford, the Young Footballer of the Year, got East Kerry off the mark with their first point of the game. He'd go onto kick seven more, four of them coming from open play and through the brilliant TG4 GAA 2019 highlights, we got to see them in all their glory.

And it was one hell of a watch.

The first was vintage Clifford. A looping run from the right. His poor marker already knows what's coming. An awkward hop. Maybe you have a chance here. No way Jose. Clifford grabs it down and within two steps doesn't kick it like any of us normal players would. He drops it onto his boot so you know almost straight away that it's going no place other than over the bar. There's literally no way an error could occur with his flawless routine and the ball balloons high and handsome from that golden gun of a left. Could be a long night.

The second is ridiculous even for David Clifford. Wins the ball lovely but the angle is tight. The shot is not on. Not a hope in hell is it on. The Fossa man has already sized up those posts. With his back to goals, twists in a flash and swings over on the turn. What the?

The third is off the right. He gazes long and hard at the flight of that one. Even he was impressed.

For the fourth, his brother is almost getting bored now. Paudie wins it and David's on his way. The lay-off comes his way and it's job done already. Doesn't even need to look. Standard.

The fifth seals the deal and it's party time now. The speed to breeze by the would-be challenger is unstoppable. The celebration shows a man at one with the game.

Enjoy them. Soak them all in here.