Fermanagh hero hits back at Jim McGuinness' criticism after loss to Dublin 8 years ago

Fermanagh hero hits back at Jim McGuinness' criticism after loss to Dublin

The Erne men aren't happy

The thorny issue of the 'moral victory' was at the heart of Tuesday's article from Jim McGuinness in the Irish Times as he criticised Fermanagh after their loss to Dublin on Sunday.


The former Donegal boss was unhappy at what he perceived to be players and supporters delighting in an eight-point defeat to one of the All-Ireland favourites,

"The Fermanagh boys came back out and they were hugging their family and friends and the scene was one of joy. And that spooked me because they had been well beaten in an All-Ireland quarter-final."

The Celtic coach could not see the logic in a county that hadn't been to an All-Ireland quarter-final in years being happy at scoring the most anyone had in this year's championship against Jim Gavin's side, and also the first to raise a green flag against the Dubs in the championship.

And on Tuesday night one of the players who helped his county get within a few scores of Dublin hit back at the criticism of the Fermanagh players and supporters.


Tomás Corrigan scored his side's second goal towards the end of the game, and cannot understand why McGuinness decided to latch onto Fermanagh's post match actions so much

Corrigan also had a brilliant response to people who wondered why he celebrated so wildly after scoring his side's second goal as he stretched out his arms in his most 'Joe Brolly' like pose.