'It's everything we f*****g dreamed of' - Seamus Callanan interview 3 years ago

'It's everything we f*****g dreamed of' - Seamus Callanan interview

All-Ireland winning captain Seamus Callanan had to catch himself after saying that Tipperary's All-Ireland final win on Sunday was everything his group had dreamed of before the match.

Callanan slipped a profanity into his post-match interview but said that it was an unbelievable feeling to seal the Liam MacCarthy Cup after a hard year of work.


"It's an unbelievable feeling," Callanan told RTE after the match.

"It's just incredible. It's everything we fucking dreamed of..... it's everything we dreamed of. I just think that we've put in so much work and to finally get there at the end of it is just an unbelievable feeling.

"I'm so proud of that group there. It's incredible."


Callanan scored a goal in Tipp's 3-25 to 0-20 point win and it maintains his remarkable record of scoring a goal in every championship game this year.

Nine-time Kilkenny All-Ireland winner Jackie Tyrrell said before the game that Callanan could turn the game by himself but the full-forward said that the defenders did a great job of winning contested balls.

"That doesn't really matter when you've got a performance like that from everyone else," Callanan added in reference to his goal scoring record.

"You see the lads coming out of the back there catching high balls. Constantly, constantly driving out. It's a complete effort from everyone there, backroom staff and everyone on the 40-man panel. We'll just enjoy this it's brilliant."


Tipperary were handed a mjor boost when Kilkenny forward Richie Hogan was sent off for a high challenge on Cathal Barrett near the end of the first-half and Callanan said that they didn't deviate from their gameplan after his dismissal.

"Yeah we handled it well. We just said we'll play our game and we'll implement our strategies on the game. We didn't deviate, even though we had a numerical advantage, it's just great. We believed in the process. When it works it's great."