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17th May 2017

If every Gaelic Football county team was a Game of Thrones character, who would they be?

Conan Doherty

You win or die in the Game of Thrones.

The hunt for Sam Maguire isn’t as extreme but sometimes it does feel like this is war time and anything goes.

So, as the different kingdoms lay claim to rule, which county best reflects each character in Game of Thrones?


Theon Greyjoy

Took Winterfell whilst Mayo focused on King’s Landing. Theon found himself in over his head when he did so but wanted to keep fighting anyway. Carries an illustrious family background but he was never going any further than Winterfell.



A submissive, obedient shadow of Theon. Didn’t have much about him to start with but now is just hopeless.


Bran Stark

Claims to have some sort of power but no-one really gives a shit.



She’ll get nowhere without Tyrion. Or Emlyn Mulligan – however you want to put it.



A wildling. But one who will punish you if you give her time and space.


Daenerys Targaryen

Making big noises, promising great things but so far away from the real action that no-one cares right now.


Robb Stark

A leader, a warrior, a real talent. Mobilised and ready to conquer the land and people follow, believing in this great man. Things don’t always pan out like you think though.


Jaime Lannister

Certainly looks the part. Good-looking, athletic, rich. Carries a fierce reputation, fears no-one but, ultimately, he’s now fighting one-handed.


Samwell Tarly

Not the most ferocious warrior but does have dragon glass he can spring.


Petyr Baelish

Started with nothing but, like the schemer he is, laid the foundations and put serious work in. Built and built until he was given castles and titles and is now genuinely one of the most potent men in the country. Should never be trusted. He will screw you over when you’re least expecting it.


Stannis Baratheon

Claims to be the one true king and to have a birth right to the throne. Takes a little while to get going but then really comes to life when the action starts. Struts into King’s Landing like he owns the place – because he truly believes he does.



Seems like a nice girl.



Perfectly content with his lot.


Joffrey Baratheon

Universally disliked outside the capital but you can’t argue with how resourceful he is. His cruelness and ruthlessness set him apart and he forced everyone to take him seriously. Who needs adoration when everyone fears you?


Ned Stark

An honourable man but it’s that same honour that gets him killed.


Tywin Lannister

Has riches, walks with kings, but never gets to rule.


Margaery Tyrell

Keeping company with the right people and on the rise because of it.


Ramsay Bolton

Psychopathic. Exists merely to torture others. Takes pleasure in the mutilation of some of the most respected names in the country.





Robert Baratheon

Once a king but enjoyed the extra curricular activities too much before suffering an underwhelming death.


Brienne of Tarth

Underestimate at your peril.


Cersei Lannister

Doesn’t particularly care for the glory of the realm – out for herself and her own interests and she’s callous in those pursuits. Mightily effective in getting what she wants – in Kilkenny’s case, preserving the sacred art of hurling.



Good breeding in that man but has been living a nomad’s existence for too long.


Lysa Arryn

Can do a half decent job of protecting her own back yard but pretty useless outside of that.


Arya Stark

Has had to begin again and again and again. Dealt with false hope and is now showing a ruthless edge that was badly needed. Ready to stand on her own two feet.


Viserys Targaryen

People still talk about the Targaryen family like it was only yesterday they were ruling but yesterday has never felt so far away.


The Hound

Doesn’t really give two monkeys about what you think. Strolls around with pure confidence in his own ability and dishes out blunt – sometimes crude – home truths.


Catelyn Stark

Betrays her own son to try and save her own daughters.


Tyrion Lannister

Might not be loved very much but that hardly affects his confidence or performance. Clever, conniving, calculated. Does what he has to do to survive.


Khal Drogo

Vicious, cut-throat, fearless. Doesn’t mind taking a few scars to get his hand literally around someone’s jugular. Manic chaos at times and it is that reckless abandon and complete disregard for his own health that will kill him.



Highly respected and knows how to get ahead and make the most of his lot. Has never ruled though. Needs to grow a set before he can really go for it.


Jorah Mormont

An inoffensive, reasonably competent good guy. A friend.


Jon Snow

Has a lot about him. Growing and learning with each passing season but still has a long way to go to become a Lord.


Sansa Stark

The key to the north but living more off her name than anything. There’s a backbone in there somewhere but gets lost too often feeling sorry for herself.

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