"Even if it's a grade one, then he's gone for the Derry game" - Michael Murphy's hamstring concern 1 year ago

"Even if it's a grade one, then he's gone for the Derry game" - Michael Murphy's hamstring concern

"Hopefully it's not too bad, just a wee bit of tightening up."

Donegal got off to the perfect start in the championship, blowing Down out of the water and out of Ulster.


However, much like Kerry and their talisman David clifford, Donegal didn't leave the game completely unscathed.

Captain Michael Murphy, was already nursing a hamstring injury so many were wondering why he even started against the Mourne county, especially when the worst came to light and he had to get taken off before the first half finished.

Colm Parkinson was discussing the decision to play the star forward on the latest episode of the GAA Hour.

"Declan Bonner said that he's been fine for the last week to 10 days, because there was some criticism as to why he was playing at all, I suppose 10 days, if you're back taking part in training, you might think you're okay.


"He said as well that he doesn't think he's done any extra damage, the hamstring tightened up - look it is good news."

Kildare legend Johnny Doyle weighed in on the discussion, and admits that he was suspicious as to why last year's Ulster finalists even risked their key man at all.

"Yeah it's good news for Donegal, I suppose everyone gets a different picture depending on where you're looking but I was certainly looking at the telly thinking, why did they put him in that position?

"Then you hear the details around it and listen, Declan Bonner was never going to put him in a situation where he wasn't comfortable. Michael Murphy, being the athlete that he is, he knows his body and knows where he's at and when to push it.


"I suppose hindsight is a great thing and you could say there was no point in even putting him into that situation, but they got the result, and hopefully things aren't too bad, because it goes without saying that if Donegal are going to do anything this year then he's going to be a big part of it."

Former Armagh star, Aaron Kernan, was also a panelist on the show, and although he agreed that it seemed strange to play Murphy, the detailed and calculated analysis that would have been done beforehand, probably shows that it wasn't as rash a decision that it may appear.

"With how professional set-ups are now, in terms of your medical team, your physios and that there, he 100% would have been put to the limits in training this past 10 days, it's not a matter of just sitting up and resting your hamstring, there's so much work that goes in.

"Three or four days after he would have had the niggle, you start your strengthening exercises, you gradually build up the pace that you're running at, the distances that you're covering, and I'm certain that he would have been at a stage where he was joining full contact.


"He would have been sprinting flat out and I know maybe he mightn't looked that he was moving as freely as people might expect in a warm up, but factor in the age and the mileage too, and it maybe takes the body a wee bit longer to get going.

"In fairness he cut in off the stand after five minutes and kicked a super point off his left foot, and he was moving well at that stage.

"Even if it's a grade one though, then he's gone for the Derry game and it's a struggle to be fit for an Ulster semi-final at that stage so I hope it is only a bit of tightening.

"If it's anything more than that, it's a huge blow for Donegal."

You can listen to the full discussion on the GAA Hour now.