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30th Jul 2023

Ethan Rafferty suffers horrific injury in Armagh club game

Lee Costello

Ethan Rafferty

This doesn’t look good.

Armagh star Ethan Rafferty has suffered what a suspected broken leg and dislocated ankle while playing for his club Grange in their final Armagh ACL Division 1B game.

According to Belfast Live the flying goalkeeper’s injuries were so severe that the match had to be abandoned and an ambulance called to the scene to take Rafferty to the hospital.

Known for his roaming goalkeeper role with the county, where the Armagh number one would often run up the field to take his scores, the multi-talented footballer lines outfield for Grange.

Arguably the club’s best player they will now go into the championship without him as his season has come to a premature end.

It’s still unsure if Kieran McGeeney will remain in charge of Armagh next season, but if he were to stay on, this is not the best start to a new season.

Rafferty was given full license to attack by his manager, and last year they took the championship by surprise, particularly against Tyrone when the shot stopper kicked two points from play.

Monaghan’s Rory Beggan and Tyrone’s Niall Morgan had already been experimented as ‘sweeper keepers’, joining the play in and around the middle, taking the frees, and being involved in opposition kick outs.

However, Rafferty was the former outfield county star to be moved into nets to perform goalkeeping duties and join the attack when he makes his runs from deep to get on the end of scores.

Although his club season is undoubtedly over, how much of the following year that he will miss remains to be seen as the extent of his injuries have not yet been made public.

Given the level of excitement, creativity and boldness that he brings to games, everyone will be hoping that the sharp shooter will make a speedy recovery.

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