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15th Jul 2023

Dublin overcome Monaghan’s monstrous performance to reach All-Ireland final

Lee Costello

What a game.

Dublin managed to overcome Monaghan’s monstrous performance to reach the All-Ireland final, and will play the winners of either Kerry or Derry.

Everyone who predicted that this would be a landslide victory from the Dubs, was proven well and truly wrong, as Monaghan put in a performance for the ages.

The whole mantra going into this game was that Monaghan did well and good to get this far, fair play to them, but this was their ceiling, they couldn’t go further.

After the way Dublin dismantled Mayo in the quarter finals, it seemed like they had already booked their place into the All-Ireland final.

All year long Vinny Corey has been brave with tactical decisions, and he surprised everyone when he decided to start Conor McManus, and better yet, go man to man against the capital.

In the first half they carved out a couple of goal chances – Conor McCarthy even hit the crossbar – and Dublin didn’t look like they had the same zip up front.

The one man who was definitely on form for the Boys in Blue however, was Cormac Costello, as he was splitting the posts for fun, but outside of that they struggled to get scores.

Dessie Farrell’s side went in one point up at half time, and everyone thought they would start the next half fast, but Monaghan were their usual defiant selves.

Stand up McManus who started to find his range; he kept keeping his team within touching distance, and was then helped out by Jack McCarron who came off the bench.

However, it was Dublin’s bench who held the real trump card as Jack McCaffrey was unleashed, and he tormented the Ulster side’s defence for the remainder of the game.

Dean Rock was then brought on and when they were given a routine-looking free kick, the Ballymun man was always going to do it to put them four points clear.


Then, in a struck of luck that he didn’t expect, Rock found himself just yards away from an open goal and of course tapped it in to secure victory for his team.

In the end, as much as you had to respect Dublin’s ability to rise to this challenge, every hat has to be tipped to the performance of  Monaghan’s 35-year-old McManus.

The flying forward was everywhere, he covered every blade of grass, kicked some unbelievable scores, and was dead-eyed behind the free-kicks.

We don’t think there is an Irish equivalent of a knighthood, but this man certainly deserves it.

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