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17th Jan 2019

Donegal forward motion to move Dublin out of Croke Park for Super 8s

Jack O'Toole

Donegal GAA have confirmed that they are tabling a motion to have one of Dublin’s All-Ireland quarter-final group stage games moved from Croke Park.

Last summer Donegal GAA requested a meeting with the GAA to seek clarification on how any county may use a ground as both a ‘neutral’ and ‘home’ venue.

Dublin were drawn alongside Donegal in the inaugural All-Ireland quarter-final group stage and the Donegal County board wanted clarification from the GAA on the issue with the association claiming in a statement that the issues highlighted by Donegal would be considered as part of their review process and that if Central Council collectively felt that non-structural changes to aspects of the Championship were required, that these could be put to Annual Congress in 2019 for consideration.

Donegal will now follow through with that process and confirmed that a motion preventing Croke Park being designated as a neutral venue for the Super 8s will be tabled at Congress next month.

Gaa Hour host Colm Parkinson wrote in his SportsJOE columnlast summer that it’s not fair that Dublin can play at Croke Park twice while every other team in the championship is permitted to just one home match.

“The decision to give Dublin, the best team in the country, two home games in the Super 8’s is shocking,” wrote Parkinson.

“It’s a decision based on money and could not have been made in the interest of fairness to players, which all governing bodies should ensure for their competitions.

“Since Dublin started playing their home league games in Croke Park it’s just impossible to argue that it’s not their home ground. It’s their home ground for the league after all. Are we supposed to believe it’s not for the championship?

“They play in Croke Park more than any other county plays in their own home ground. It’s home advantage. That’s a fact.”

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