Dessie Farrell needs to make Paul Mannion return a top priority 3 weeks ago

Dessie Farrell needs to make Paul Mannion return a top priority

He scored 0-8 in the club championship last weekend.

Paul Mannion was one of the key men under Jim Gavin, a guaranteed starter and a guaranteed star performance in nearly every game.


When Dessie Farrell took over in 2020, he opted to keep Mannion on the bench however, and use him as an impact substitute, rather than a starter.

Such was the terrifying depth of Dublin's squad would you be able to take off someone with the prestige of Dean Rock, only to replace him with a player in a similar class.

The Kilmacud Crokes forward opted out of the Dublin panel this year, and although it hasn't been confirmed that lack of playing time was the reason for this, you imagine it played a role in his decision.

Against St Vincent's in the Dublin Senior Championship he was in flying form, scoring 0-8, taking men on, and displaying that dazzling pace that he possesses.

After watching Dublin this year, they seemed lacklustre, boring and unable to find that spark at times. Even when they were winning they never looked like getting out of second gear.

After losing Michael Darragh McCauley and Paddy Andrews to retirement, the strange absence of Stephen Cluxton, and Kevin McManamon to work commitments, Dublin's bench did not pack the punch that it once did.


They also lost valuable experience, having that much pedigree and people with a winners mentality, it can be costly to a. dressing room environment.

Mannion however, is in his prime. He's nowhere near retiring, and frankly is the best corner forward option that Dublin currently have at their disposal.

The fact that he's not available for selection because of his own choice, is something that Dessie Farrell needs to try and reverse for the season ahead.