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08th Jul 2018

Derek McGrath’s great insight into the ruthlessness of Micheál Donoghue

Jack O'Toole

Derek McGrath knows what Galway manager Micheál Donoghue is like.

McGrath’s Waterford side took on the defending Leinster champions in last year’s All-Ireland final and he watched from the sidelines as Galway ended their drought with a three-point win over the Deise in Croke Park.

Donoghue was widely lauded following the win but McGrath has said that there’s a ruthless efficiency burning underneath the gentle, affable character we so often see in interviews.

“I laugh when I see the affable, quietly spoken, softly spoken Micheál in the interviews, I think it hides or guises that ruthless efficiency that he has,” said McGrath on The Sunday Game.

“I remember the 2016 Leinster final and 13 of the Galway players that played today played in that final.

“Not alone did he ignore the vitriolic, almost acerbic commentary after that particular game – but by the winter of 2016, by either their own volition or by Micheál’s decision – David Collins left the panel, Fergal Moore left the panel, Andy Smith left the panel and he nipped Lukasz Kirszenstein from Tipperary and more so he set out by putting his own stamp on it.

“They had all the traits you look for in any team; honesty, integrity, absolute incessant workrate. All those principles that Micheál stands for I think are evident in his team.

“Since then he’s won a Leinster championship back-to-back, he’s won a national league and an All-Ireland. Everything he’s done, as I said, the mild mannered presentation that you see for me guises that ruthless manner that he has.”

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