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23rd Oct 2021

Davy Fitzgerald admits he believed the Galway job was his

Lee Costello

“If it’s not meant for you, it’s not meant for you.”

A lot can change in a week, as it was just a couple of days ago that it seemed certain that Davy Fitzgerald was going to be appointed as the new Galway manager.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, it was announced that Kilkenny legend Henry Shefflin, will be the new man to lead the Tribesmen next season instead.

Fitzgerald has managed Wexford, Clare and Waterford for a period of 14 years and taking his own playing career into account, the former goalkeeper has been involved in the inter-county game for 35 years in a row.

Speaking on The Late, Late Show tonight, 2013 All-Ireland winning Clare boss Fitzgerald spoke for the first time about the Galway situation.

“Listen, I got a phone call two weeks ago to have a chat and I had one or two meetings with Galway and that,” he said. “It just ended up where Henry ended up in the job and listen, he’s got a great bunch of players and best of luck to him.

“Maybe, like, I thought I was going to go (to Galway) at one stage, yeah. But if it’s not meant for you, it’s not meant for you. You just move on and I’m that type of person. There’s no problem. There’s so many things ahead of me that I’m looking forward to next year, I can’t wait.

“When you look at everything, between playing and managing, it’s probably been 32 or 33 years on the go,” said the Sixmilebridge man.

“It’s going to be a bit strange. Wexford was an incredible experience that I really enjoyed but I’ll put the feet up now for a while, that’s the way it’s going to be.

“Listen, I’ve loved every bit of it (managing Wexford). The journey up and down to Wexford is incredibly long and tough but the way I was treated down there was absolutely fantastic.

“Unbelievable people and the same in Clare and Waterford. I’ve been lucky, I’ve had a great 14 years in management, and playing then as well.”

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