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14th Jun 2023

“It’s a joke of a rule” – Davy Burke slams rule that stops goal chances

Lee Costello

Davy Burke

“Why are we taking away the goal chances?”

Roscommon manager Davy Burke wants to see a rule scrapped in Gaelic football in order to bring back back goal opportunities in the game.

In 2019 the advanced mark was introduced to the game before being implemented across the board the following year.

The rule allows a player to call a mark and take a direct free kick if they have caught a pass that travelled from outside of the 45-yard-line.

Davy Burke

Burke believes that given players this easy option for a score, makes them less inclined to win the ball on the inside and go for goal.

There has been a lot of talk this season about the game becoming boring, and how possession-based approaches are taking the excitement out of it, but there has also been less goals in this championship.

“I think it’s an absolute joke of a rule. It’s taking goal chances all over the place,” Burke told the Irish Independent.

Davy Burke

“Why are we taking away the goal chances? Goal chances and excitement, that’s what we’re here to do. So I think the attacking mark has to go.

‘The mark at midfield is fine, but the attacking mark is killing momentum. And, like, Rory Grugan probably should have settled the Ulster final with a mark, left-footed – why are we rewarding that?

“When a senior inter-county footballer can kick the ball accurately 20 yards – Oh great, well done, there’s a shot to win an Ulster final!

Davy Burke

“We have to look at it. Either tweak the rule or remove the rule.”

Next year third-level competitions will trial a new kick-out rule where all kick-outs will have to travel behind the 45 before being played.

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