David Clifford speech on Kerry manager shows a man definitely not too big for his boots 3 years ago

David Clifford speech on Kerry manager shows a man definitely not too big for his boots

It's easy to forget that David Clifford is just a teenager.

He's only an 18-year-old with the world in front of him but it feels like he's already conquered so much of it.

In the last 18 months, Clifford has won three different All-Irelands. He's won the Hogan Cup with St. Brendan's - he kicked 2-5 in the final, just for the craic. He's won two All-Ireland minor titles with Kerry - he hit 10-68 in 12 championship games just for even more laughs.


He's following in the superstar production line at Killarney. Pat Spillane, Seamus Moynihan, Colm Cooper, David Clifford.


He's already scoring goals in the county championship for East Kerry.

Beautiful, composed goals that involve dummies and adventure and sublime execution to hit the same top corner his left foot seemingly has a tractor-beam towards.

Clifford could play in the AFL alright but he couldn't leave boys on their arses on the 13-yard-line in the AFL.


Yeah, he's got that covered.

He can pass too.

It couldn't be easy for a young lad listening to the entire country waxing lyrical about him, talking him up as the next Kerry great, and for him to keep his head on his shoulders through it all.

For Christ's sake, before he was even in his last year of minors, they were wrestling with David Clifford, pulling both of his arms aggressively in different directions - one to the south west of Ireland, the other to the southern hemisphere.

But after illuminating Croke Park with the sort of blinding light that only a frightening, precocious talent could, the Fossa man showed that he's just a nice youngfella who hasn't forgotten where he comes from. And, already, he's an example to the next generation.

During a speech to the Kerry public who welcomed the victorious minors home, the Kingdom's captain spoke with such maturity and, still, such modesty.

The good folk of Radio Kerry's Terrace Talk show captured David Clifford addressing the crowd and not only thanking manager Peter Keane with genuine sincerity, but admitting that he's still scared shitless of him.